A Workshop on Hands-on Networking of IMSEC Ghaziabad

A Workshop on Hands-on Networking was organized by the Computer Science & Engineering department of IMSEC, Ghaziabad, and NetworkersCCIE, Noida on Saturday, 25th Jan 2019. A total of 26 students of CS and IT branches have attended the workshop. Mr. Pranjal, Manager, Netw

Workshop on Hands On Networking

Workshop on Hands On Networking

orkersCCIE, Noida encouraged students to think of network engineer as a career option. He discusses the career path through CISCO certification including CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE. Mr. Manoj Tamang (CCIE) covers the basics of networking including the concept of switches, routers, public and private IP addresses, subnet mask and VPN. He conducted hands-on practical sessions on IP addressing and subnet masking. Technical Session was concluded with the Question-Answer session. Many students asked different questions on the scope of networking.

12th Convocation @ IMSEC Ghaziabad

12th Convocation @ IMSEC Ghaziabad