Name Branch Company
ANUBHUTI SHARMA Bio-Technology Allied Analytics LLP
DIVYA SRIVASTAVA Bio-Technology Allied Analytics LLP
SHIVANGI SINGH Bio-Technology Allied Analytics LLP
VIDUSHI KAUL Bio-Technology Aptara
SAVITRI SINGH Bio-Technology Aptara
OM SINGH Mechanical Engineering Anglo-Eastern Group
BHANU PRATAP SINGH Mechanical Engineering Anglo-Eastern Group
RISHABH KUMAR TRIVEDI Mechanical Engineering Anglo-Eastern Group
SANDEEP KUMAR DUBEY Mechanical Engineering Anglo-Eastern Group
TUSHAR RAWAT Mechanical Engineering Anglo-Eastern Group
VIVEK SHARMA Mechanical Engineering Anglo-Eastern Group
PRASHANT SINGH Mechanical Engineering Anglo-Eastern Group
ANUJ SRIVASTAVA Computer Science Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
ARPAN SRIVASTAVA Computer Science Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
DEEPMANI BHARDWAJ Computer Science Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
MAYUR GUPTA Computer Science Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
VIVEK KUMAR GIRI Computer Science Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
BHASKAR TRIPATHI Computer Science Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
VIKALP BHATANAGAR Computer Science Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
DEEPANSHU GARG Information Technology Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.
AVANIPA SINGH Electrical & Electronics Industry Buying
SHIPRA SINGH Electrical & Electronics Industry Buying
SHUBHAM MITTAL Computer Science Daffodil Software Ltd.
AAYUSH SANJAR Computer Science Headstrong
ANKITA KUMARI Computer Science Headstrong
CHINMAI TYAGI Computer Science Headstrong
CHITRANSH AGARWAL Computer Science Headstrong
MRIGANK SUNJIV TYAGI Computer Science Headstrong
PRABHAT KUMAR Computer Science Headstrong
PRIYANKA YADAV Computer Science Headstrong
SHIVAM JAIN Computer Science Headstrong
SHRADDHA SHRIVASTAV Computer Science Headstrong
SANCHITA GARG Computer Science Headstrong
ADITYA SINGH JOHAL Information Technology Headstrong
AMAN ARORA Information Technology Headstrong
ANUMEHA PANDEY Information Technology Headstrong
NALINI JAIN Information Technology Headstrong
NEHA GUPTA Information Technology Headstrong
NISHA AGGRAWAL Information Technology Headstrong
SHIVANI MALIK Information Technology Headstrong
SHOUMEN CHATTERJI Information Technology Headstrong
SHUBHAM GARG Information Technology Headstrong
MANISH KUMAR GUPTA Computer Science Grapecity India Pvt Ltd
PRANJALI Information Technology Grapecity India Pvt Ltd
AARTI VERMA Computer Science Eninov Systems Pvt. Ltd
PRIYA AWASTHI Computer Science Eninov Systems Pvt. Ltd
ANKIT CHAUHAN Mechanical Engineering Kelco Industries
AVINASH GUPTA Mechanical Engineering Kelco Industries
AJAY KUMAR SINGH Computer Science Global Logic
AYUSHI BANSAL Computer Science Global Logic
SIDDHI SAXENA Computer Science Global Logic
ABHISHEK GANGWAR Computer Science Global Logic
SAUMITRA VATSAL Computer Science Global Logic
SWETA MALIK Computer Science Global Logic
KHYATI AGARWAL Electronics & Communication Global Logic
POOJA GUPTA Information Technology Global Logic
SHWETA Information Technology Global Logic
SAHIL MANCHANDA MBA FinEdge Advisory Pvt. Ltd.
CHANDAN KUMAR Electrical & Electronics NTT DATA Global Delivery Services Limited
SOMESH YADAV Electrical & Electronics NTT DATA Global Delivery Services Limited
MEENU VERMA MBA Lares Softech Pvt Ltd
VARSHA SWAMI MBA Lares Softech Pvt Ltd
MOHD ARBAZ UDDIN Electrical & Electronics NMTronics India Pvt.Ltd
AKSHAY BHASIN Computer Science Josh Technology Group
ANKIT KUMAR Bio-Technology MidasCare
VIDUSHI KAUL Bio-Technology MidasCare
MAYANK JUNEJA Computer Science Nec Technologies
Nikhilendra Kishore Pandey Computer Science QA InfoTech
AARAV GOTRA Computer Science QA InfoTech
VIBHAV SHARMA Electronics & Communication QA InfoTech
SHUBHAM DIXIT Computer Science MAQ Software
SUMIT AWASTHI Computer Science Sopra Steria
MOHD. DANISH USMAN ANSARI Computer Science JK Technosoft
AYUSHI TEWARI Computer Science JK Technosoft
MUKUL AGARWAL Computer Science JK Technosoft
SWATI JHA Electronics & Communication Hewlett-Packard
Aastha Sharma Computer Science TCS
Aayush Mittal Computer Science TCS
Aishwarya Singh Computer Science TCS
Akshay Bhasin Computer Science TCS
Alind Computer Science TCS
Alok Rai Computer Science TCS
Aman Verma Computer Science TCS
Ankur Computer Science TCS
Anmol Maheshwari Computer Science TCS
Anuj Agarwal Computer Science TCS
Anukrati Mishra Computer Science TCS
Arvind Computer Science TCS
Ashutosh Kaushik Computer Science TCS
Bhardwaj Chaudhary Computer Science TCS
Deeksha Rai Computer Science TCS
Deepanshi Agarwal Computer Science TCS
Deepshikha Baghel Computer Science TCS
Dewaksh Kansal Computer Science TCS
Eshita Pawar Computer Science TCS
Kajal Goel Computer Science TCS
Kanchan Yadav Computer Science TCS
Karishma Agarwal Computer Science TCS
Kartik Panwar Computer Science TCS
Kirtika Agarwal Computer Science TCS
Lalit Kumar Computer Science TCS
Manan Puri Computer Science TCS
Mandeep Taneja Computer Science TCS
Mohd Computer Science TCS
Nidhi Maheshwari Computer Science TCS
Nikhil Sharma Computer Science TCS
Pawan Srivastava Computer Science TCS
Piyush Aggarwal Computer Science TCS
Pragya Khanna Computer Science TCS
Pragya Sahu Computer Science TCS
Preeti Computer Science TCS
Priyansha Mishra Computer Science TCS
Priyanshi Jain Computer Science TCS
Priyaranjan Yadav Computer Science TCS
Pulkit Chaurasia Computer Science TCS
Rahul Verma Computer Science TCS
Saakshat Srivastav Computer Science TCS
Safal Arora Computer Science TCS
Sahiba Gupta Computer Science TCS
Sakshi Sharma Computer Science TCS
Sandeep Panghal Computer Science TCS
Sanmay Chauhan Computer Science TCS
Sarvanand Pandey Computer Science TCS
Satyam Gupta Computer Science TCS
Saurabh Singh Computer Science TCS
Shivangi Pathak Computer Science TCS
Shivani Sharma Computer Science TCS
Shresth Jaiswal Computer Science TCS
Shreya Chauhan Computer Science TCS
Shubham Dixit Computer Science TCS
Shubham Sinha Computer Science TCS
Shubham Varshney Computer Science TCS
Sneha Singh Computer Science TCS
Sonal Shalya Computer Science TCS
Sumit Singh Computer Science TCS
Surabhi Srivastava Computer Science TCS
Tanya Arora Computer Science TCS
Uzma Nikhat Computer Science TCS
Vedant Garg Computer Science TCS
Vishesh Saxena Computer Science TCS
Yash Gupta Computer Science TCS
Divya Sharma Electrical & Electronics TCS
Ayush Mishra Electrical & Electronics TCS
Paras Gupta Electrical & Electronics TCS
Sparsh Tripathi Electrical & Electronics TCS
Prakhar Kumar Electrical & Electronics TCS
Anshul Tiwari Electrical & Electronics TCS
Swarnika Jaiswal Electrical & Electronics TCS
Shuboob Electrical & Electronics TCS
Chetan Varshney Electrical & Electronics TCS
Archisha Tripathi Electrical & Electronics TCS
Shubham Yadav Electrical & Electronics TCS
Nisha Yadav Electrical & Electronics TCS
Vishal Upadhyaya Electrical & Electronics TCS
Prajjwal Singh Electrical & Electronics TCS
Sukanya Electrical & Electronics TCS
Reena Chaudhary Electrical & Electronics TCS
Ankit Yadav Electrical & Electronics TCS
Shivani Mehrotra Electrical & Electronics TCS
Vivek Paliwal Electrical & Electronics TCS
Arpan Sengar Electrical & Electronics TCS
Shilpi Jain Electrical & Electronics TCS
Shubham Khandelwal Electrical & Electronics TCS
Anjali Gupta Electrical & Electronics TCS
Mayank Dwivedi Electronics & Communication TCS
Vishal Agarwal Electronics & Communication TCS
Akhil Srivastava Electronics & Communication TCS
Radha Rathore Electronics & Communication TCS
Vishal Panwar Electronics & Communication TCS
Roopali Gupta Electronics & Communication TCS
Pragati Shukla Electronics & Communication TCS
Mohini Singh Electronics & Communication TCS
Aarushi Prasad Electronics & Communication TCS
Shubham Arora Electronics & Communication TCS
Namit Bhardwaj Electronics & Communication TCS
Aishwarya Pandey Electronics & Communication TCS
Avni Pundir Electronics & Communication TCS
Gyanprakash Electronics & Communication TCS
Vibha Singh Electronics & Communication TCS
Archit Garg Electronics & Communication TCS
Archie Saxena Electronics & Communication TCS
Abhishek Singh Electronics & Communication TCS
Sandeep Gupta Electronics & Communication TCS
Virat Tripathi Electronics & Communication TCS
Umang Singh Electronics & Communication TCS
Somendu Awasthi Electronics & Communication TCS
Atul Electronics & Communication TCS
Vipin Garg Electronics & Communication TCS
Garima Singh Electronics & Communication TCS
Varsha Dwivedi Electronics & Communication TCS
Sudipty Malviya Electronics & Communication TCS
Vishal Singh Electronics & Communication TCS
Sher Singh Electronics & Communication TCS
Pranjul Rastogi Electronics & Communication TCS
Shruti Electronics & Communication TCS
Rahul Kumar Electronics & Communication TCS
Sampurn Sharma Electronics & Communication TCS
Shubham Malik Electronics & Communication TCS
Vivek Gusain Electronics & Communication TCS
Rohit Mishra Electronics & Communication TCS
Puneet Kumar Electronics & Communication TCS
Harsh Saxena Information Technology TCS
Akhand Singh Information Technology TCS
Gaurav Information Technology TCS
Ketan Verma Information Technology TCS
Mohd Imam Information Technology TCS
Isha Atreya Information Technology TCS
Kunwar Singh Information Technology TCS
Abhishek Gupta Information Technology TCS
Sushant Ranjan Information Technology TCS
Krati Saxena Information Technology TCS
Prateeka Kashyap Information Technology TCS
Vatika Agarwal Information Technology TCS
Nimisha Singh Information Technology TCS
Pankhudi Swaroop Information Technology TCS
Vijit Gupta Information Technology TCS
Megha Goel Information Technology TCS
Rishabh Jain Information Technology TCS
Aditya Kumar Mechanical Engineering TCS
Shivangi Srivastava Mechanical Engineering TCS
Ashutosh Pandey Mechanical Engineering TCS
Sanjay Kushwaha Mechanical Engineering TCS
Shivam Jaiswal Mechanical Engineering TCS
Sneha Jaiswal Mechanical Engineering TCS
Arun Chaudhary Mechanical Engineering TCS
Pulkit Goel Mechanical Engineering TCS
Shubhank Dubey Mechanical Engineering TCS
Aayush Goel Mechanical Engineering TCS
Om Singh Mechanical Engineering TCS
Sundeep Mechanical Engineering TCS
Udit Agarwal Mechanical Engineering TCS
Ankit Goyal Mechanical Engineering TCS
Kashish Bhatnagar Mechanical Engineering TCS
Aditya Malik Mechanical Engineering TCS
Sanya Shukla Mechanical Engineering TCS
Sudhanshu Singh Mechanical Engineering TCS
Ravi Kumar Mechanical Engineering TCS
Rajat Jain Mechanical Engineering TCS
Gaurav Chaudhary Mechanical Engineering TCS
348 Placements as on 10th May 2015 for 2015 Batch
Company Placed Total
3ST Technologies Pvt.Ltd 1
Altamertic 4
ANG Industries Ltd 6
Aon Hewitt 6
Appin Group 2
Aptara 2
Aricent 14
Asahi India Glass limited 2
Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd 7
Aucetus-E- Recycling 1
CraterZone 6
Cvent 2
Dagar Power Projects Pvt Ltd 2
Denave India (Airtel) 5
Doon Consulting 2
Dynamic Vertical 5
EBee Global Solutions 4
FranConnect 3
HCL Technologies 3
Hindustan Coca-cola 4
Hysel 3
IBM 12
Imperial Life scince 1
Intel 1
ITSYS Solutions pvt ltd 1
JK Technosoft 18
Jyoti Electro System 6
Kamdhenu Ispat limited 4
Mahindra & Mahindra 1
Kartrocket 2
Minda Nabtesco Automotive Pvt Ltd 4
Motherson Sumi Infotech Ltd 1
Mphasis 28
NTT Data 4
OM Industries 10
Opaque Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd 2
Open Labs 1
Open Text software 2
PY Solutation 1
QA Infotech 25
Royal Bank of Scotland 1
Sheelafoam 2
Sopra 2
Successive software 1
Tanzanite Infotech 1
TCS 81
ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt 17
Value Prospect Consulting 8
Verizon Software 2
Wipro Technologies 8
Xerox 1
Quantum Page Pvt Ltd 2
Coingeit 5
ABS Electroplate 2
GSP Powers 1
Lares Softech 1
Name Branch Company
Ravikant Electrical & Electronics Engineering 3ST Technologies Pvt.Ltd
Ankur Tomar Electrical & Electronics Engineering ABS Electroplate (P) Ltd
Akash khatter Electrical & Electronics Engineering ABS Electroplate (P) Ltd
Anoop Kumar Srivastava MCA Altamertic
Anumeh Anshul MCA Altamertic
Sudhir Madheshiya MCA Altamertic
Suneel Kumar Modanwal MCA Altamertic
Vikas Singh Mechanical ANG Industries Ltd
Sidharth Nigam Mechanical ANG Industries Ltd
Saloni Katiyar Mechanical ANG Industries Ltd
ShikhaTripathi Mechanical ANG Industries Ltd
Aparna Bhatt Mechanical ANG Industries Ltd
Kanika Kalra Mechanical ANG Industries Ltd
Pallive Dixit Computer Science Aon Hewitt
Vaibhav Dixit Information Technology Aon Hewitt
Shubham Singh Electronics & Communication Aon Hewitt
Ruchi Sighal Electronics & Communication Aon Hewitt
Shreshtha Sharma Computer Science Aon Hewitt
Keshav Maheshwari Information Technology Aon Hewitt
Anuradha Dabral MBA APPIN GROUP
Sariya Abbasi Bio Technology Aptara
Manjary Srivastava Bio Technology Aptara
Bipul  Kumar Computer Science Aricent
Suresh Chandra Tiwari Computer Science Aricent
Rishabh  Arora Electronics & Communication Aricent
Rishi  Arora Electronics & Communication Aricent
Saurabh  Dey Information Technology Aricent
Lavanya  Gupta Computer Science Aricent
Tariq  Aziz Computer Science Aricent
Umang  Raizada Electronics & Communication Aricent
Sanchit  Saxena Computer Science Aricent
Nidhi  Sharma Computer Science Aricent
Mahi  Garg Electronics & Communication Aricent
Gaurav  Garg Electronics & Communication Aricent
Sharad  Singh Computer Science Aricent
Keshav  Batra Computer Science Aricent
Mahim Srivastav Electrical & Electronics Engineering Asahi India Glass limited
Rishi Singh Gaur Electrical & Electronics Engineering Asahi India Glass limited
Dhananjay Singh Mechanical Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd
Ayushi Trivedi Mechanical Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd
Gaurav Singh Electronics & Communication Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd
Apra Aggarwal Electrical & Electronics Engineering Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd
Anamika Mechanical Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd
Ruqqaiya Siddiqui Electrical & Electronics Engineering Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd
Anamika Mechanical Ashirwad Carbonics (India) Pvt Ltd
Vikas singh Information Technology AUCETUS-E-RECYCLING
Arvind Singh MBA Coingeit Technologies Pvt Ltd
Nikita Kaushal MBA Coingeit Technologies Pvt Ltd
Rajeev Mishra MBA Coingeit Technologies Pvt Ltd
Rohit Sharma MBA Coingeit Technologies Pvt Ltd
Karishma Sharma MBA Coingeit Technologies Pvt Ltd
Piyush Kumar Rai Computer Science CraterZone
Shivang Mishra Computer Science CraterZone
Akash Kumar MCA CraterZone
Mani Kumar Gupta MCA CraterZone
Pallavi Dixit MCA CraterZone
OmKar Ji MCA CraterZone
Aditya Tiwari Mechanical Cvent India
Amulya Bhatnagar Bio Technology Cvent India
Shashank Trivedi Mechanical Dagar Power Projects Pvt Ltd
Nikita Kaushal MBA Denave India (Airtel)
Rohit Sharma MBA Denave India (Airtel)
Karishma Sharma MBA Denave India (Airtel)
Neha Randhawa MBA Denave India (Airtel)
Hitesh Srivastav MBA Denave India (Airtel)
Madhu Kaushik Electrical & Electronics Engineering Doon Consulting
Shubham Singh Electronics & Communication Doon Consulting
Saurabh Shrivastava Information Technology Dynamic vertical
Aashana Sahu Computer Science Dynamic vertical
Vishvendra singh Computer Science Dynamic vertical
Shubhanshi Saxena Information Technology Dynamic vertical
Prachi Katiyar Computer Science Dynamic vertical
Abhishek gupta Information Technology E-Bee Global Solutions
Varsha Computer Science E-Bee Global Solutions
Vivek Tyagi Electronics & Communication E-Bee Global Solutions
Manish Kumar Electronics & Communication E-Bee Global Solutions
Suraj Gupta Information Technology FranConnect
Shivam Rastogi Computer Science FranConnect
Nigar Fatima Information Technology FranConnect
Mrinal Rathore Mechanical GPS Powers
Purshotam Singh Mechanical GSP Mahindra
Shubhankar Bajpai Mechanical GSP Mahindra
Sandeep Tomar MCA HCL Technologies
Shruti Singh Electronics & Communication HCL Technologies
Ajay Kumar Electronics & Communication HCL Technologies
Varsha Singh Mechanical Hindustan Coca-cola
Raunak Sharma Mechanical Hindustan Coca-cola
Shivam Agarwal Electrical & Electronics Engineering Hindustan Coca-cola
Akshay Gupta Electrical & Electronics Engineering Hindustan Coca-cola
Siddharth Shanker Bio Technology Hysel
Anjali Dwivedi Bio Technology Hysel
Samvedna Singh Bio Technology Hysel
Ruby Ranjan Computer Science IBM
Reetika Jain Computer Science IBM
Divya Singh Computer Science IBM
Shubhanshi Saxena Information Technology IBM
Ruchi Sehgal Electronics & Communication IBM
Neha Bargoti Electronics & Communication IBM
Smriti Agarwal Electronics & Communication IBM
Apra Agarwal Electrical & Electronics Engineering IBM
Mansi Srivastava Electrical & Electronics Engineering IBM
Mahi Garg Electronics & Communication IBM
Sushmita Das Electronics & Communication IBM
Ayushi Trivedi Mechanical IBM
Ankur Rathi MBA IIFM
Shvang Mital MBA IIFM
Anuradha Dabral MBA IIFM
Abhinav Pandey Bio Technology Imperial Life scince
Antriksha Tiwari Information Technology INTEL
Sachin Prakash Gupta Computer Science ITSYS Solutions pvt ltd
Nishant Sharma Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Sanchit Saxena Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Chetan Dua Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Yash Garg Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Pallavi Kumari Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Harshni Singh Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Shashank Agarwal Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Shivang Mishra Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Chanakya Tyagi Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Prathishtha Srivastava Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Anshu Chaudhary Computer Science J.K.Technosoft
Rohit Bhugra Electronics & Communication J.K.Technosoft
Noopur Mittal Electronics & Communication J.K.Technosoft
Sakshi Binjola Electronics & Communication J.K.Technosoft
Sucheta Singh Electronics & Communication J.K.Technosoft
Shivani Rai Electronics & Communication J.K.Technosoft
Akansha Sharma Electronics & Communication J.K.Technosoft
Vibhanshu Swaroop Electronics & Communication J.K.Technosoft
Anuj Patel Electrical & Electronics Engineering Jyoti Electro System
Saurabh Mishra Electrical & Electronics Engineering Jyoti Electro System
Rajini Jaswal Electrical & Electronics Engineering Jyoti Electro System
Anu Kumari Electrical & Electronics Engineering Jyoti Electro System
Akash Khatter Electrical & Electronics Engineering Jyoti Electro System
Abhinav Jain MBA Kamdhenu Ispat limited
Devansh Saran MBA Kamdhenu Ispat limited
Nancy Singh MBA Kamdhenu Ispat limited
Nikita Kausal MBA Kamdhenu Ispat limited
Shubhangi Sharma Computer Science Kartrocket
Poorvak Kapoor Computer Science Kartrocket
Shaghun Computer Science Lares Software
Dinesh Kumar Mechanical Mahindra and Mahindra
Nitin Chaudhary Computer Science MAQ Software
Mohan Gupt Agarwal Information Technology MAQ Software
Rachit Lahira Mechanical Minda Nabtesco Automotive Pvt Ltd
Rishabh Verma Mechanical Minda Nabtesco Automotive Pvt Ltd
Pulkit Dua Mechanical Minda Nabtesco Automotive Pvt Ltd
Yash Pratap Chauhan Mechanical Minda Nabtesco Automotive Pvt Ltd
Prakher Mehrotra Computer Science Motherson Sumi Infotech Ltd
Shivam Sharma Computer Science Mphasis
Ashit Kumar Computer Science Mphasis
Ankita Singh Computer Science Mphasis
Saket Srivastava Computer Science Mphasis
Prachi Sharma Computer Science Mphasis
Abhishek Dwivedi Computer Science Mphasis
Shivam Pal Computer Science Mphasis
Rajat Gupta Computer Science Mphasis
Prashant Sharma Computer Science Mphasis
Venktesh Shivam Patel Computer Science Mphasis
Akshay Bhayane Computer Science Mphasis
Bhavya Arora Computer Science Mphasis
Faiza Noor Computer Science Mphasis
Ayush Aggrawal Computer Science Mphasis
Shivam Rastogi Computer Science Mphasis
Vishal Saxena Computer Science Mphasis
Rupal Krishna Computer Science Mphasis
Pranay Deep Computer Science Mphasis
Prateek Chaudhary Computer Science Mphasis
Lalit Vijay Electronics & Communication Mphasis
Monis Ahamad Electronics & Communication Mphasis
Shreya Saxena Electronics & Communication Mphasis
Nikhil Sharma Information Technology Mphasis
Nigar Fatima Information Technology Mphasis
Tavishi Kaushik Information Technology Mphasis
Anirvan Samadar Information Technology Mphasis
Abhishek Srivastava Computer Science Mphasis
Manish Kumar Computer Science Mphasis
Shariq Khan Information Technology NTT Data
Shishir Agarwal Computer Science NTT Data
Ayushi Singh Shishodia Information Technology NTT Data
Vishesh verma Electrical & Electronics Engineering NTT Data
Rajat Saxena Mechanical OM Industries
Md. Sadiq Khan Mechanical OM Industries
Payas Srivastav Mechanical OM Industries
Ramya Mechanical OM Industries
Pooja Singh Mechanical OM Industries
Sameer Mechanical OM Industries
Ankit Srivastava Mechanical OM Industries
Rishu Mishra Mechanical OM Industries
Shashank Tyagi Mechanical OM Industries
Satyam Pandey Mechanical OM Industries
Anil Singh Tewatia Mechanical OPAQUE Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd
Pardeep Kumar Mechanical OPAQUE Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd
Rajat Gupta Computer Science Open Labs
Sanchit Saxena Computer Science Open Text software
Venktesh Shivam Computer Science Open Text software
Nandini Bhardwaj MBA PY Solution
Akshey Kumar Information Technology QA Infotech
Piyush Kumar Rai Computer Science QA Infotech
Bhaskar Singh Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Sandeep Singh Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Nadeem Ahmed Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Kumar Shantanu Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Gaurav Uttam Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Praharsh Vatsal Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Soumya Tiwari Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Abhishek Verma Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Priya Singh Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Anjali Malkani Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Aviral Prakash Saxena Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Vaibhav Latiyan Electronics & Communication QA Infotech
Satyam Garg Computer Science QA Infotech
Amita Kanaujia Computer Science QA Infotech
Vaibhav Sharma Computer Science QA Infotech
Arushi Singh Computer Science QA Infotech
Toshit Patel Computer Science QA Infotech
Anusha Mishra Computer Science QA Infotech
Vicky singh Tomar Computer Science QA Infotech
Piyush Sachan Computer Science QA Infotech
Vishnu Gupt Agarwal Information Technology QA Infotech
Priyanshi agarwal Information Technology QA Infotech
Pritish Rastogi Information Technology QA Infotech
Madhu Kaushik Electrical & Electronics Engineering Quantum Page Pvt Ltd
Shubham Singh Electronics & Communication Quantum Page Pvt Ltd
Aditya Raj Information Technology Royal Bank of Scotland
Gajendra Singh Mechanical Sheelafoam
Paritosh Sharma Electronics & Communication Sheelafoam
Vipul Agarwal Computer Science Sopra
Sanchi Gupta Computer Science Sopra
Vishvendra singh Computer Science Successive software
Nitin Agarwal MCA Tanzanite Infotech
Somiya Wahi Computer Science TCS
Suresh Tiwari Computer Science TCS
Vishal Saxena Computer Science TCS
Tushar Bodani Computer Science TCS
Megha Mittal Computer Science TCS
Kaustubh Gupta Computer Science TCS
Ahmad Safvi Computer Science TCS
Sakshi Agarwal Computer Science TCS
Aadesh Kumar Computer Science TCS
Satyam Singh Computer Science TCS
Ashish Sharma Computer Science TCS
Isha Gupta Computer Science TCS
Aman Gupta Computer Science TCS
Amit Tiwari Computer Science TCS
Dhruv Bajpai Computer Science TCS
Neha Agarwal Computer Science TCS
Himanshu Gandhi Computer Science TCS
Mohammed Kashif Computer Science TCS
Lavanya Gupta Computer Science TCS
Abhinav Bhadoria Computer Science TCS
Niharika Singh Computer Science TCS
Shweta Mishra Computer Science TCS
Avinash Gupta Computer Science TCS
Kajal Tiwari Computer Science TCS
Vidhi Mittal Computer Science TCS
Abhishek Puri Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Nitesh Chauhan Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Anamaya Pandey Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Rishi Gaur Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Ashish Ranjan Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Ashish Tyagi Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Manu Misra Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Yatish Keshwani Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Vaibhav Mishra Electronics & Communication TCS
Ashish Rai Electronics & Communication TCS
Savita Electronics & Communication TCS
Anurag Agrawal Electronics & Communication TCS
Harsh Gupta Electronics & Communication TCS
Nidhi Kapoor Electronics & Communication TCS
Shipra Chaurasia Electronics & Communication TCS
Mansi Gupta Electronics & Communication TCS
Ayush Panwar Electronics & Communication TCS
Rishi Arora Electronics & Communication TCS
Mohit Sharma Electronics & Communication TCS
Akshay Uttam Electronics & Communication TCS
Shruti Electronics & Communication TCS
Vaibhav Gupta Information Technology TCS
Anukarsh Singhal Information Technology TCS
Divya Garg Information Technology TCS
Antriksha Tiwari Information Technology TCS
Kashish Agarwal Information Technology TCS
Hansika Shishodia Information Technology TCS
Satyam Singh Information Technology TCS
Saurabh Dey Information Technology TCS
Surbhi Sharma Information Technology TCS
Rajat Saxena Mechanical TCS
Kartikey Dwivedi Mechanical TCS
Ramya Mechanical TCS
Satyam Pandey Mechanical TCS
Mohan Agarwal Information Technology TCS
Keshav Maheshwari Information Technology TCS
Tavishi Kaushik Information Technology TCS
Saurabh Srivastava Information Technology TCS
Archit Gupta Computer Science TCS
Ashit Kumar Computer Science TCS
Piyush Sachan Computer Science TCS
Shashank Agarwal Computer Science TCS
Manish Kumar Computer Science TCS
Shivam Rastogi Computer Science TCS
Gaurav Garg Electronics & Communication TCS
Nirmit Kumar Electronics & Communication TCS
Shreya Saxena Electronics & Communication TCS
Md. Ahmed Electronics & Communication TCS
Satyajeet Chaudhary Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Apra Agarwal Electrical & Electronics Engineering TCS
Payas Shrastava Mechanical TCS
Anjali Jaiswal Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Anuj Varshney Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Vishesh Verma Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Siddhant K Srivastava Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Rahul Mishra Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Vivek Vikram Singh Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Shivam Baliyan Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Aman Rajput Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Sameer Saxena Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Parul Chauhan Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Abhishek Kumar Singh Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Pawan Kumar Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Satyajeet Das Chowdhury Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Sumit Singh Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Yatish Kumar Keshwani Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Vajaahat Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Ashutosh Aggarwal Electrical & Electronics Engineering ThyssenKrupp Elevator India Pvt
Parisha Agarwal Computer Science Value Prospect Consulting
Shagun Agarwal Computer Science Value Prospect Consulting
Akanksha Sharma Electronics & Communication Value Prospect Consulting
Anchal Jain Electronics & Communication Value Prospect Consulting
Shivani Rai Electronics & Communication Value Prospect Consulting
Aarti Tomar MBA Value Prospect Consulting
Ankita Singh MBA Value Prospect Consulting
Shivang Mittal MBA Value Prospect Consulting
Shreya Saxena Electronics & Communication Verizon Software
Saurabh Shrivastava Computer Science Verizon Software
Devika Kashyap MCA Wipro Technologies
Mani Kumar Gupta MCA Wipro Technologies
Pallavi Dixit MCA Wipro Technologies
Paridhi MCA Wipro Technologies
Suyesh Tayal MCA Wipro Technologies
Vipul Kumar MCA Wipro Technologies
Prachi Gupta MCA Wipro Technologies
Yogesh Chandra Joshi MCA Wipro Technologies
Shruti Agarwal IT Xerox


Nika Mishra CS
Gaurank Goyal CS
Aishvary Goel CS
Swechchha Singh CS
Ayush Nigam CS
Anubha Dwivedi CS
Shrey Saxena CS
Nikita CS
Kumar Vaibhav CS
Misha Aggarwal CS
Neha Sharma CS
Jasleen Bhatia CS
Anubhav Srivastava CS
Yadvendra Tyagi CS
Venu Shah EN
Mohita Parihar EN
Bhavna Singh EC
Sanjay Mishra EC
Anu Srivastava IT
Sheena Hora IT
Vidit Goel IT
Rishabh Chikara IT
Kartik Rana IT
Priyanka Rathore IT
Shivangi Pathak ME
Sarthak Agarwal ME
Resham Sethia ME
XL Dynamics
Himanshu Shekhar Shukla MBA
Web Experts Pvt Ltd
Anubhav Tiwari MBA
Astha Gupta MBA
Pankaj Bisht MBA
Rahat Ali MBA
Deepak Kumar MBA
Vasudha Arun MBA
Mount Talent Consulting
Nikita Verma MBA
Great Developers
Pawan Kumar MCA
Kiran Singh MCA
Saumya Srivastava MCA
Vinay Singh MCA
Sumit Anand MCA
Areej Zaidi MCA
Priyanka Kumari MCA
Deeksha Mehara MCA
Shubham Sharma MCA
Anshu Sharma MCA
Spectrum Planning Services
Srishti Agarwal CS
Chirag Khanna CS
Arjun Singh EC
Rahul Kumar EC
Dipanshu EC
Hement Gupta EC
Arpit Singh EC
Amit Kumar Tiwari EC
Sudhir EC
Bharat Saxena EC
Vivek Joshi EC
Shivashish Bhardwaj EN
Manoj Kumar EN
Luv Bajaj EN
Vartika Agrwal EN
Nishtha Sharma EN
Abhijeet Singh EN
Nitin Kumar EN
Dushyant EN
Vikas Pathak EN
Vikas Singh EN
Vishnu Kumar Upadhyay IT
Mayank Kumar Gaur IT
Mayank Tripathi IT
Aman Gupta IT
Abhishek Gupta IT
Mohit Singh IT
Shubham Rastogi IT
Piyush Gupta IT
Web Experts Pvt Ltd
Rahul Gupta MCA
Vinay Singh MCA
Anupam Gupta MCA
Ashwini Pandey MCA
Deepak Chaturvedi MCA
Lalit Rajput MCA
R Systems
Shivani Puri CS
Deepshikha Gupta CS
Archit Kapoor CS
Ritika Gupta CS
Chirag Khanna CS
APL Apollo Tubes Ltd
Ashutosh Rai ME
Rishabh EN
Abhijeet Singh EN
Rass Capital
Amit Sinha MBA
Anand Kumar Singh MBA
Anubhav Tiwari MBA
Deepak Kumar MBA
Divanshu Dishkit MBA
Gautam Kumar MBA
Mohd. Jawed MBA
Pankaj Bisht MBA
Pradeep Kumar MBA
Rahat Ali MBA
Satendra Bhati MBA
Shahanawaz Ahmad MBA
Siddharth Saxena MBA
Utsav Anand MBA
Shivam Dixit MBA
Assurance Software
Sandeep Kumar MCA
Dynamic Vertical Software Pvt Ld
Shivangi Gupta CS
Deepshikha Gupta CS
Vaibhav Aggrawal CS
Shrishti Jaiswal CS
Shivani Puri CS
Ashwini Kumar CS
Vishal Gupta CS
Mayank Kumar Gaur IT
Naina Gupta IT
Paurush Jamdagni MCA
Quantum Page Pvt Ltd
Pratap Kumar Rastogi ME
Utkarsh ME
Avnish Bhardwaj EN
Pritesh Kumar Yadav EC
Mohini Sharma BT
Priya Tyagi BT
Urvashi Verma BT
Amardeep Pandey BT
Sampriti Agarwal BT
Arushi Baboota CS
Akshit Arora CS
Rohit Yadav CS
Pawan Kumar Jaiswal CS
Ritika Gupta CS
Anupam Shukla CS
Siddharth Prakash Singh CS
Sidharth Balla CS
Aishwarya Swarup CS
Animesh Srivastava CS
Ruchin Kumar CS
Chirag Khanna CS
Meghansh Gupta CS
Sapanjeet Singh CS
Hemant Gupta EC
Anmol Gupta EC
Purnima Yadav EC
Khyati Shah EC
Ashish Tomar EC
Nikhil Sinha EC
Adarsh Katta EC
Nikunj Pant EC
Sonali Gupta IT
Pragya IT
Saby Narula IT
Srija Srivastava IT
Priyashi Srivastava IT
Nishkarsh ME
Abhijit Kumar Biswas ME
Sakshi Singh ME
Shekhar Singh ME
Next Step
Rati Shukla MBA
Preeti Sharma MBA
Sonali Agarwal MBA
Nupur Goel MBA
Pallavi Gupta MBA
Anu Chaudhary MBA
Akansha Nigam MBA
Axis Bank
Devanshu Dixit MBA
Nikita Verma MBA
Shashank Saxena MBA
Himanshu Shekhar Shukla MBA
J K Technosoft
Areej Zaidi MCA
Manisha Dubey MCA
Anurag Agarwal MCA
Croissant Technologies
Aishwarya Swarup CS
Kumud Shekhar CS
Akshit Arora CS
Anupam Shukla CS
Anupam Shukla CS
Ayush Agarwal CS
Deepali Mendiratta CS
Deepshika Gupta CS
Love Varshney CS
Meghmala Raghuvanshi CS
Shivani Puri CS
Sidharth Balla CS
Anand Kumar Singh EC
Mayank Kumar Gaur IT
Nidhi Sharma IT
Sonali Gupta IT
Ankit Shukla EN
Vartika Agarwal EN
Anubha Dwivedi CS
Imran CS
Misha Aggarwal CS
Nika Mishra CS
Nikita Agarwal CS
Ritika Gupta CS
Vaibhav Agarwal CS
Ankita Verma EC
Khyati Shah EC
Mohit Singh IT
Naina Gupta IT
Shivangi Gupta CS
Srishti Agarwal CS
Swechchha Singh CS
Vishal Gupta CS
Vishakha Verma EC
KM. Neha Singh CS
Sampada Raghuvanshi CS
Sakshi Bhardwaj CS
Sachin Grover EC
Shubham Singh EC
Tarun Kumar CS
Abhishek katiyar EC
Asahi India Glass
Resham Sethia ME
Himanshu Kaushik CS
Shivani Puri CS
Rahul Srivastava CS
Animesh Srivastava CS
Love Varshney CS
Anurag Agarwal MCA
Voice Tree Technologies
Sanjay Kumar Mishra EC
Josh Technologies
Swechachha Singh CS
Divya Kaushik CS
Anupam Shukla CS
Aishwarya Swarup CS
Riya khanna CS
Anant Garg CS
Satyam Gupta CS
HCL Technologies
Aishwarya Swarup CS
Riya Khanna CS
Anant Garg CS
Navinikaa Rajan CS
Abhishek Raj Tomar IT
Srija Srivastava IT
Amitanshu Bhatt EC
Nikunj Pant EC
Nishtha Sharma EN
SKF India Ltd
Resham Setia ME
Shivangi Pathak ME
Ecosense Sustainable
Mohit kumar Singh EC
Attero Recycling
Shivam Dixit MBA


Ankita Purkayastha ME
Kritica ME
Sonal Priya ME
Vini Mehrotra BT
Anuradha Singh CS
Ashutosh Jaiswal CS
Avinash Mishra CS
Lavika Kurda CS
Megha Agarwal CS
Mehtab Danish CS
Nishtha Sharma CS
Parakh Mittal CS
Priyanshi Jain CS
Rahul CS
Rahul Pal CS
Rishi Singh CS
Rohit Gupta CS
Sanjeev Singh CS
Sankalp Tyagi CS
Shashank Mishra CS
Shubham Sharma CS
Shweta Chaddha CS
Swati Gupta CS
Tarun Jalota CS
Amaan Ali EC
Amit Chawla EC
Ankur Agarwal EC
Kanika Chaudhary EC
Mrinal Ojha EC
Shalini Sharma EC
Tarun Khosla EC
Utkarsh Dixit EC
Vivek Tangri EC
Pooja Arora EC
Akansha Mishra EN
Khushboo Agarwal EN
Kritika Singh EN
Debjani Gorai IT
Prateek Sahu IT
Priyanka Chawla IT
Ruchira Gupta IT
Shivam IT
Shivansh Singh IT
Shweta Garg IT
Vishal Chawla IT
Vivek Gupta IT
Divyani Pal ME
S.S. Telecom
Hari Darshan Singh EN
Pranshu Babu
Ingenuity Gaming
Mohd Shahid Ameen MCA
Mohit Saxena MCA
Renovision Automation services Pvt Ltd
Raushan Kumar MCA
HiTech Machines Tools
Mohit Kumar ME
Ashish Kumar Singh ME
Welspun Energy
Stephy Jose EN
Sanchita mehta EN
Indian Navy
Shobhit Srivastava EN
Hindustan Coca -Cola
Ratnabh Sharma EN
Neeraj Singh EN
Shivang Srivastava EN
IBS Software
Gaurav Verma CS
Shobhit Srivastava EC
Vishal Kumar Nath BT
Vini Mehrotra BT
Farogh Gibraiel BT
Deepika Chaudhary CS
Shekhar Anand Verma CS
Shivam Gupta CS
Sourcekey Media Pvt Ltd
Bharat Singh MBA
Satvinder Pal Singh Bansal MBA
Paksons Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Asmita Pandey BT
Neha Saxena BT
Jayanti Vaishnav BT
Pallavi Narayan BT
Mayanka Gupta BT
Monika Rajput BT
Anushree Vishal BT
Bharat Singh MBA
Saurabh Kumar MBA
Satvinder Pal Singh Bansal MBA
Nitesh kumar Chaturvedi MBA
Pankaj Saraswat MBA
Magic Software
Pulkit Mehrotra CS
Aarti Gupta IT
Mayur Gupta IT
IGate Patni
Pankaj Saraswat MBA
IndusInd Bank
Raina Srivastava MBA
Prayga singh MBA
Ritesh Singh MBA
Atindra Shahi MBA
Pankaj Saraswat MBA
Krishna MBA
Ananya Srivastava MBA
Arvind Tomar MBA
Avinash Chahuhan MBA
Satvinder Pal Singh Bansal MBA
Abhishek Dwivedi MBA
Prameet Sharma MBA
Ashish Kumar Pandey MBA
Manoj Mathur MBA
Boxbeat Technologies
Amir Khan BT
Nitish Kumar pal BT
Shubham Gupta EC
S M Farad EN
TPC Consultants
Neha Saxena BT
Karan Singh CS
Lavika Kundra CS
Nikita Mishra CS
Ajay Kumar CS
Ecosense Sustainble Solutions Pvt Ltd
Abhishek Jain ME
Krishna International, Dubai
Avinash Chauhan MBA
Shubham Agarwal MBA
Abhishek Dwivedi MBA
Bharat Singh MBA
Anaya Srivastava MBA
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