‘IMSEC Ghaziabad goes online full throttle during lock down’

During this tough time of lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic, IMSEC continues with its mission of imparting quality education to its students through online mode. Faculty are taking live online classes of students, sharing notes and giving them assignments. This novel pedagogy is liked by students and they are taking a keen interest in these classes which is quite evident from their more than 85% attendance in live webinars and more than 95% assignment submissions.
The moment there was an announcement for the colleges to close down, IMSEC proactively decided to start the teaching-learning process through online mode so that students do not suffer and their syllabus is completed in time. Online teaching pedagogy was meticulously planned so that students are not bombarded with information, but real learning takes place.
All the subjects were divided into two groups: Group I and Group II. Group I consists of theoretical subjects whereas numerical based subjects and difficult ones form Group II. It was decided that the syllabus of Group II subjects will be completed through live classes and for Group I subjects, notes will be shared with students by the faculty and assignments will be given.
As a responsible educational institution, IMSEC continues to endeavor for the wellbeing of its students.
It wishes a safe and healthy life for all its stakeholders!